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Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

21 July 2010 No Comment

Destroy the DEATHSTAR!

Dramatic reproduction of STAR WARS X-WING rebel spacecraft simulates all the action! Wings open to “X” position by pushing down on simulated R2-D2 behind cockpit and 2nd button returns wings to original flight position. Cockpit flips open to seat LUKE SKYWALKER or other STAR WARS Action Figures. Front landing skid locks up in place during flight, and for real excitement, 3rd rear deck button operates laser sound and flashing laser cannon in spacecraft nose.”

Kenner Toys Description 1979

Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter was one of the first vehicles produced in the Kenner Toy line along with Luke’s Land Speeder and the Imperial TIE fighter. 

The first issue was released in 1978 and can be distinguished by its box which displays the round LP logo – which stands for Long Playing Toy.  This quality assurance mark describes the toy having been ‘fun-tested, ‘under actual play conditions’.   

In 1979 the ship was released minus the LP logo and although the front of the box remainded the same, you could find new pictures to the side of the box depicting the new Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot action figure.

The same box appeared breifly again in 1980 with the Empire Strikes Back logo before  an update in 1981 which showed the ship in a Dagobah scene.

In 1982 a Battle Damaged version of the X-wing was released moulded in grey, rather than white plastic.  The canopy was more tinted in appearance and the ship was supplied with battle damaged stickers.

The later Return of the Jedi version stuck with the Dagobah scene and the battle damage.

Various box issues of the X-wing fighter

Kenner Vs Palitoy

Interestingly, there were some differences between the Kenner Toys and Palitoy versions of the X-Wing Fighter.  The most noticeable difference was that the Palitoy (UK) version did not come with any electronics, so no ‘space sound’ or ‘flashing laser’.   Also the section of the ship was released by Palitoy with a sticker rather than a moulded section.










Removable Parts:

  • Canopy
  • 4 x Laser Cannons

Instructions and Sticker Sheet: (click to enlarge to full size)

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